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Bobrick Washroom Accessories


If you are looking for high quality washroom accessories you will find Bobrick washroom accessories at the top of the list. Bobrick's reputation for the invention and production of high quality washroom accessories is undeniable.

Bobrick was founded by George Augustus Bobrick in 1906 as a chemical supply company selling waxes and soaps. Bobrick’s line of washroom accessories began with the soap dispenser.

In 1908 Bobrick was issued a U.S. patent for the first liquid soap dispenser. The birth and growth of the washroom accessories industry can be attributed in large part to the inventions of engineers at the Bobrick Company. As the public became aware of the importance of restroom sanitation, the sky became the limit for the sale of Bobrick washroom accessories. In 1961 Bobrick introduced a new line of recessed stainless steel multi-purpose washroom accessories. This Bobrick introduction launched a new era in the design and distribution of commercial washroom accessories.

Today, stainless steel Bobrick washroom accessories are among the world’s best selling commercial washroom products. Bobrick washroom accessories can be found in commercial restrooms and washrooms in nearly every city on the globe. If you believe in quality, style, innovation and reputation you will find no better example of this than the Bobrick washroom accessories line. Bobrick is a world leader in the production of everything washroom accessory - from soap dispensers to baby changing stations – if it belongs in a restroom or washroom Bobrick has it.



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