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Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal System


Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal System

  • Comes with 400 Disposal Bags
  • Eliminate the spread of bacteria
  • Bags are Biodegradable
  • Locking Dispenser to prevent Vandalism
  • Easily installed
  • Dispenser is powder coated in durable high gloss

These Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags make it easy to dispose of a smelly soiled diaper, no matter where you are. Messy Diapers are no match for the Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal System. Place the convenient Dispenser next to your washroom Baby Changing Station to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. A nice clean restroom with a baby changing station make a parent feel welcomed and they can take care of the necessary business of cleaning a dirty diaper and disposing of it properly with ease. The Poopy Doo Diaper disposal bags are easy to tie and are specifically made, treated and sized for convenient diaper disposal. These bags lock in wetness, odor and bacteria and have a pleasant lightly powdered scent. Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal bags are perfect for home use, hospitals, day care centers, stores, doctor's offices, restaurants, hotels airports and public buildings.  The Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags are good for the environment and they are 100% biodegradable. Feel good about using the Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal bags as they help make a dirty job more pleasant.


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Replacement Poopy Doo Diaper Disposal Bags

  • 6 Rolls of 400 = 2400 total

  • Works with the Poopy Doo Disposal Dispenser

  • Bags are Biodegradable



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