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Commercial Washroom Air Fresheners


Vectair Airoma

Vectair is a wholly UK owned manufacturers of commercial hygiene products. In 2007, the company opened Vectair Inc. with headquarters in Memphis, USA to service the North American Market. Vectair offers a world class range of coordinated hygiene equipment and consumables, including automatic air fresheners and toilet cleaning systems and hand washing/sanitizing dispensers.

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Vectair Airoma Extreme

Vectair Airoma 3000 Premium Fragrances - XTREME. These Fragrances contain a higher and more effective blend of fragrance oils. These Fragrances offer premium bursts of frances with higher levels of longevity. V.O.C Compliant in all states. 


Vectair Airoma Zero
Vectair Airoma Zero offers freshness through fragrance and technology. This fragrance is ideal for areas such as nursing homes, medical clinics, day cares, school classrooms, office spaces, and anywhere a sanitary environment is needed. Airoma Zero purifies and freshens the air, leaving behind the signature lemongrass fragrance that tells you its clean.

 MSDS Sheet

Vectair Airoma 3000 Chrome

  • Real Time programmability
  • Choice of refill size; start and end time; choice of spray frequency
  • Smart chip automatically calculates days in use and refill life
  • Countdown clock for each spray, confirms operation
  • Patented automatic reset when refill is replaced
  • 10 year guarantee against parts and workmanship

The Airoma patented I.P.E. systems provides flexible programming options allowing costs to be fixed with matching fragrance delivery and odor control to location conditions.


Vectair Micro-Airoma
Model VS-BDIS-1W

  • Surface Mounted
  • Compact, Sleek Design
  • Countdown clock indicates time until next spray and confirms operation of unit.
  • Uses Micro-Refills


Enjoy the functions of the Airoma in a compact, sleek design. The Vectair Micro-Airoma delivers optimum performance and programmable fragrance intensity control.

Vectair Starter Pack

  • Ready to use starter kits for easy installation and operation
  • High quality fragrance refills included in each pack
  • Includes - (1) Micro Dispenser (white), (2) Citrus Tingel Micro Refills, batteries


These dispenser have been designed to deliver a variety of high quality fragrance3s, creating pleasing environments in reception areas, office blocks, meeting rooms and washrooms. Try the fragrance starter packs, ready to use complete with dispenser, refills and batteries.

 Micro MSDS Sheet


Micro Airoma Refills

Vectair Micro Airoma fragrances offer modern style and impact options to match all preferences. All Vectair Micro Airoma fragrances are complex, long lasting (suitable for use in most micro automatic aerosol dispensers.) A choice of eight fragrances are available, suitable for all locations, such a washrooms, receptions areas office blocks, schools and anywhere in need of fragrance and odor control.

Airoma Refills

All Vectair Airoma fragrances are complex, long lasting and are available in both 3000 and 9000 aerosol refills (suitable for use in most automatic aerosol dispensers, including the Vectair Airoma Automatic Odor Control System). Available in 12 fragrances.




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