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Washroom Accessories

  Washroom accessories were patented by Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. for the Pullman dispenser.  Today Bradley Corporation., American Specialties, Inc. GAMCO, and A&J Washroom Accessories Inc. join Bobrick in manufacturing and are shipped across the global, making these companies global leaders in their industry.

Selecting the Best Washroom Accessories

Washroom accessories, specifically high-quality washroom accessories, are expected by today’s consumer. In days past, washroom accessories meant a toilet roll holder, a paper towel dispenser and a trash can - not true of today’s public restrooms. Multiple restroom accessories in today’s washrooms are a feature driven by consumer demand.

No parent wants to have to run out to their vehicle to change a baby’s diaper, a wheel chair bound patron expects to be able to use your restroom and many consumers will not visit your facility twice if your restrooms are not clean and adequately supplied with standard washroom accessories. Commonly found in modern facility restrooms: baby changing stations, hands-free automatic paper towel and antiseptic soap dispensers, forced-air hand and hair dryers, tampon and feminine napkin dispensers, grab bars, mirrors and shelves, seat cover dispensers, waste receptacles, showers, shower seats and shampoo/body wash dispensers and other devices all designed to accommodate and please washroom patrons. Not only are there a large variety of washroom accessories, the choices of styles, designs, colors, makes and models are seemingly endless. Washroom accessories cannot be denied today’s picky consumer.

We want to be pampered. Minimum standards for restroom quality and cleanliness have risen and the addition of multiple washroom accessories has contributed greatly to this improvement. High quality washroom accessories are increasingly being added by facilities managers in order to meet the expectations of more discriminating consumers.

If you are remodeling, refurbishing or designing a washroom or restroom for customers or employees it is important to careful consider several factors:

  1. Consider who your washroom patrons are and select the washroom accessories you think they will expect
  2. When considering cost, think of quality and warranty as well – often the higher quality washroom accessory will be the least expensive in the long run
  3. Comparison price shop using the internet
  4. Established manufacturers such as Bobrick, Bradley and A&J have a history of producing high durability washroom accessories and their products often trump less expensive imported models
  5. Be aware of ADA accessibility requirements when selecting and installing your new washroom accessories. The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates minimum standards and guidelines for placement of some washroom accessories
  6. Make sure your washroom accessory comes with an installation kit.

Washroom accessories are a very important consideration if your goal is to gratify your customers. Most reputable manufacturers and distributors will have a customer hotline to help you if you have questions about their products, their warranty or if you need help selecting or installing their products.

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