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Palmer Fixture Company


For over a century, Palmer fixture has remained committed to providing their customers with the most competitive dispensing systems available. In addition to not only being cutting edge in the design of their products, their business model has always been focused on keeping everything that they sell a reasonable and affordable price.

Palmer fixture offers a variety of items that range from the basic metal crank dispensers all the way up to high-end automatic touch-less dispensers and hand dryers. They remain focused on constantly expanding their product line as they continue striving to find more ways to satisfy their loyal customer base.

Most of the products sold by Palmer are made in the USA and are continually subjected to strict quality control processes. Palmer takes the quality of their products extremely serious and remains intensely focused at providing their customers the best product for their money. Throughout extensive research and development, Palmer Fixture Company has maintained a worldwide reputation for product excellence since 1907 and intend to do the same well into the future.

Palmer fixture is devoted to providing you with a number of solutions based on any of your specific needs. Their cops this goal with a huge catalog of products in many years of industry-based expertise. As they continue to serve as a leader in the washroom accessories industry, they are continuously working on new products and ways to make eye lives cleaner, greener and much more hygienic.

Hand Dryers

Palmer fixtures specializes in innovation and creation of some of the industry's top hand dryers. The variety of hand dryers are sure to meet any need that you have. From the traditional hand push button hand dryer all the way to the most cutting-edge hands-free dryers, Palmer can meet any of your hand drying needs.


iStorm Automatic Hand Dryer

• Breakthrough Innovative Design
• 10 Seconds Drying Time
• Water Absorbing Ceramic Technology
• On And Off Heater Switch
• Dual Color LED Sensor Indicators
• Elegant and Ergonomic Design

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White EcoStorm Hands Free High Speed Hand Dryer

• Dries hands in 10-15 seconds
• 110/120 Volts 10.5 Amps
• 1000 Watts 29000 RPM
• Sound Level 63.5 dB ±3 dB
• Dry time 10-15 seconds
• Power Cutoff: 60 sec

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Blustorm Handsfree High Speed Hand Dryer

• 110/120 Volts 12.5 Amps 1600 Watts 1500-1800 RPM
• Adjustable 169-225 MPH air speed
• Sound Level 77 dB ±3 dB
• Completely handfree and actually dries your hands
• Dry time 10-15 seconds

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Tissue and Paper Towel Dispensers

Palmer features some of the most diverse lines of paper towel and pull dispensers available on the market today. Their variety of dispensers ranges from the traditional crank type all the way up to the modern touch-less varieties.


Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser

• Features touch-less, hands-free operation
• Quick and easy pulls
• Reliable delivery of an 11 inch sheet every time
• Extremely easy to operate and install
• Accommodates standard 8 inch wide paper towel rolls
• Easy Installation

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Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser

• Hands-free unit, user touches nothing except the paper
• Impact resistant plastic cover
• Allows for easy dispensing and is designed to last
• Created to reduce multiple dispensing
• Translucent cover, easy view of the paper supply

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Hand Crank Metal Roll Towel Dispenser

• Manual Powered Crank Towel Dispenser
• Eliminates The Need For Batteries or a Power Adapter
• Great For High Traffic and Outdoor Setting
• Sturdy Double Latch Lock Prevents Theft and Vandalism
• Universally Fits 8 - 91/2 " Wide and up to 8" Diameter
• Made From Durable Steel

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Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

No matter what your needs are when it comes to soap or hand sanitizer dispensers, the Palmer fixture company is sure to have a unit that can fulfill that objective. Their models come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be operated by a hand pump are completely touch-less.

SaniSuds Dispenser

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Starter Kit

• Surface Mount
• 1200 mL refills
• Key Lock
• High Impact ABS Plastic
• 3 year warranty

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Automatic Bulk Foam Dispenser

• Crafted From High Impact ABS Plastics
• Features Touch-Less Automatic Activation
• Consistently Dispenses The Same Amount Every Time
• Operates on Four C- Cell Batteries
• Automatic Power Shut Off
• Vandal Resistant Security Lock And Key
• Easy Installation

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Electronic Bulk Soap Dispenser

• Crafted From High Impact ABS Plastic
• User Activated Sensor
• Consistently Dispenses 01 – 1.5ml Per Cycle
• Powered By Three C-Cell Batteries
• Vandal Resistant Security Lock

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Here is a list showing some of the other varieties of washroom accessories that the Palmer Fixture Company provides:

• Touchless Hand Dryers
• Towel Dispensers
• Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
• Foam Dispensers
• Toilet Tissue Dispensers
• Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers
• Napkin Dispensers
• Restroom Safety and Maintenance Equipment
• Restroom Signs

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